Looms Efficiency Software

Experience the timeless craftsmanship of Looms, weaving together tradition and innovation to craft textile that captivate the sence.


Top Quality

Precision and performance, weaving excellence.


Efficient Work

Seamless efficiency, weaving wonders in motion.

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Technology for taking Progressive workload.


Standard threads machines offer benefits such as precise and consistent threading, compatibility with various industries, easy interchangeability, and reduced risk of errors or compatibility issues in threaded connections.

Live Monitoring At Anywhere

Live monitoring enables remote monitoring and control of machine work from anywhere, ensuring real-time visibility and optimization.


Historical reporting on machine work offers valuable insights for analysis and performance improvement.

Easy Decision Making

Data-driven insights enable easy decision making in machine work, enhancing operational efficiency and performance.

Increase Production & Efficiency

Process optimization, automation, and skill development drive productivity and efficiency in machine work, yielding higher output and cost savings.



Standard threads machines typically feature adjustable thread size settings, automatic threading mechanisms, durable construction, high precision, and compatibility with a wide range of thread types and materials.

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Auto Report Generation

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The use of different reports in standard threads machines allows businesses to monitor production output, ensure quality control, track maintenance requirements, and optimize machine performance for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Efficiency Report

Stopage Report

Shortage Report

Taka Cutting Report

Quality Wise Report

Yarn Estimation Report

Beam Unloading

Report & Formate (pdf & excel)